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Nonverbal Learning Disorders: A School and Life Perspective is available for purchase in print and for your eReader!

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Nonverbal Learning Disorders

What is a Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD)?

NLD is a brain-based difference that has many strengths and weaknesses.  Areas of strength typically include early speech and vocabulary development, precocious reading skills, and assets with spelling and rote memory skills.  Challenging areas include visual-spatial concerns, motor control (including gross and fine motor skills), and social-emotional development.

Book Chapters Include:

  • How Are Nonverbal Learning Disorders Exhibited over the Lifespan? 
  • Lookalike Symptoms for Nonverbal Learning Disorders
  • Academic Issues and Intervention
  • Organizational Skills - The Challenge
  • Social/Emotional Concerns: Therapeutic Strategies and Interventions